Frequently Asked Questions
What does your pricing model look like?
We follow a weekly rate on retainer for a period of 6-12 months, depending on the size of the company. Within that time frame, we produce videos bi-weekly, so at the end of the retainer agreement you are left with 12-24 high value and optimized videos.
What kind of companies do you work with?
We work mostly with growing small to midsize e-commerce companies but if your company sells a product or service there is certainly potential we can produce content for you!
Do you work completely remote? 
Yes! We operate remotely, and our videos are created within our studio in NY. Once we have your products and understand your companies goals and branding, we begin to create your fully optimized content.
Are your services expensive?
Considering that a large scale commercial can average around 10k-100k just for one video alone without any help actually marketing that video, we have developed our prices to align more with what a company would be hiring an average employee for 6-12 months. So yes! We are very affordable. 
What if I want a higher budget commercial?
We don't want to diminish the importance of large scale commercial video productions. We started as a video production company! We simply wanted to offer services that we can manage within our micro-agency remotely and drive results through data and metric analytics so we can really show our clients how their company can benefit from video.
What is your experience in Video SEO?
We have been creating video content for nearly a decade now. We studied video production in college. We have been creating video content professionally for companies under Exhibition Media since 2020. We have also spent years working separately in marketing, laying the foundation of our digital marketing experience. Blending our skills together, we have found that we understand very quickly what goes into making high value optimized videos that can reach a target audience.
Why should I trust you with my brand?
We work very closely with our clients. Weekly updates and virtual meetings aren't everything. It takes the appropriate amount of time to understand a company and it's branding. We don't believe in withholding information or sneaky tricks. We are open and honest. We explain what we are doing and show you how we do it. 
Do you automate your services?
Nope! We do everything ourselves all the way through. No AI generated videos. No paying for clicks or boosting advertisements. Everything we create is authentic, high value, and the traffic coming from people online comes from hard work and not cheating the system. Google is too smart to cheat anyway!
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